We operate a dedicated container terminal within our own area in Aberdeen port. The facility is fully secured and monitored by both CCTV and the Harbour security personnel at all entry and exit points. We operate a gated system and can provide a maintenance service including repairs, fumigations and steam cleaning. Our terminal team are fully trained in IMDG protocols and work within the standards required by our BS EN ISO 9001 requirements.

Container Terminal Shadow

In addition to container storage we provide the following services:

An efficient and effective Road & Sea Linked Container Stuffing and Stripping operation.

The terminal is equipped to handle Container types: 20’ and 40’ Standard Containers as well as High Cube Open Top and Flat rack containers

Comprehensive cargo Securing

Supported by an extensive selection of lifting and lashing materials we also own and operate a fully maintained and certified fleet of the following equipment:

45m ton Capacity Reach-stacker



Heavy duty and assorted forklifts

Tug Master and Mafi equipment