At Searoute we have many years of experience in managing projects and heavy lift shipping with general cargo shipments throughout the world.

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Our Approach

We employ cargo and marine surveyors to assist us in the planning and management of our project shipping. Our own experienced in-house port captain will supervise at the critical areas of the operation.

Our areas of expertise

We specialise in oil and gas, mining and power projects. We use ship owners and operators we have known and trusted over many years. Whatever the size, however complicated and wherever in the world, we can find the right ship at the right time and, importantly, at the right price. Our services include:

Project shipping route survey and planning

Coaster chartering

Heavy lift shipping chartering

Tug and barge chartering

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Joint venture service with Taylor Heavy Engineering

We have formed a joint venture service with Taylor Heavy Engineering (THE). THE are specialists in dismantling factories and heavy machinery, and re-installation worldwide. Our involvement will be as a project shipping partner.

THE has over 35 years’ experience in this sector, working for companies such as the Baku Steel Co, Samsung, Hyundai, Daewoo, General Motors and Mercedes Benz.